GCDuino Kit

The GCDuino Kit is the perfect way to get started with programming, electronics  and their interaction. This kit includes everything you need to complete all the GCDuino examples on this site and start building projects of your own.  You don’t need any previous programming, electronics or soldering experience. Everything is ready to quickly immerse you in the exciting world of micro controllers.

GCDuinoKit_ProductImgGCDuino Kit Includes:

GCDuino                               Programmer
Breadboard                         65 Jumper wires
USB Cable                             Male headers
15 LEDs                                   2 RGB LEDs
5 Buttons                               2 LDRs
15 220Ω Resistors            5 10kΩ Resistors
Shift register                         Piezo Speaker
7 Segment display            10k Potentiometer
Temperature sensor

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