GCDuino SimpleBot

SimpleBot is a super-simplified version of the Wombat robot that we used in the Gold Coast TechSpace Discovery Workshops program.

In this version we don’t use the MiniMoto as we only have modified servos which can be driven directly by the low current outputs of the Gcduino. ¬†We also use an old mobile phone battery as a power source and the wheels are also recycled.

The bump sensor is merely a resistor bent over and the LED can be used to signal a bump but also nicely doubles as a stabilizer!

Modified servo means the end stops have been removed and the position potentiometer disengaged.

  • Pin 5 – Servo 1 (middle control line of servo wires)
  • Pin 6 – Servo 2 (middle control line of servo wires)
  • Pin 10 – Piezo (option – not fitted as servo noise can mask the piezo sound!)
  • Pin 11 – Bump Sensor (Connects to 0Volt when bumped)
  • Pin 13 – Bumped Led via 220 ohm resistor to ground

Here is the code: ServoMotors_with_Bump_Speaker



Minimoto Attacknid

This project reuses an old Attacknid¬†robot that I found at the local Endeavour Foundation shop. It was missing it’s controller from the top, but otherwise the battery and motors were fine.

MiniMoto on Wombat

GCDuino comes with a MiniMoto shield that we use with the Wombat robots in the Gold Coast TechSpace Discovery workshops. Wombat is a 2 wheeled robot that the kids build and programme to navigate around a room using a home made bump sensor.

The Minimoto shield includes a HBridge that can be used to drive the 2 motors of Wombat – this can be used to also drive the motors of the Attacknid.

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Hello world!

We final got around to setting up a site! This is going to be the home of everything GCDuino. What is GCDuino you ask? Well it’s a series of Arduino compatible micro controllers based on Atmel’s chipset.

They are great because the easily attach into a breadboard allowing you to rapid prototype and build any circuit you can think of.

They also make learning easy as we have designed all the numbers to match the breadboards removing any confusion.

So far we have:

GCDuino: A 5v general purpose micro controller.

MiniMoto: A dual motor driver for the CGDuino allow you to build Robots.

GCDuiNODE: A 3v3 micro controller that has connections for wireless networking, bluetooth and Wifi.

Mighty CGD: A multi purpose micro controller that features 5v & 3v3 power lines, 24 Digital pins, 8 PWM pin & 8 Analog Pins. It nicely bridges 2 joined breadboards breaking out both power rails. Not to mention it has handy connections for wireless networking, bluetooth and Wifi making it the perfect base station for your wireless network of GCDuiNODEs.

Stay tuned as we add more…..